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Add a Little Romance

Personal ads services' primary purpose is to bring people together. Many of you can probably attest to the ease, convenience and effectiveness of meeting great singles through personal ads. Just remember that your offline meetings are not exactly the same as the online meetings.

So, if your online dating skills supersede your offline dating skills, then you may want to read this article on how to you can turn the tide. This article discusses the importance of including romance into your offline-dating repertoire and provides some ideas on how you can do so.

Add a Little Romance


Practicing the art of wise dating requires that a person become well versed in several aspects of human relations: effective communication, active listening, understanding body language, and romance. If you want to successfully date and maintain a relationship, you have to become familiar with romance. We're not just talking to men either. In a world of equals, men no longer have the sole responsibility for creating a romantic evening.

Romance is about sharing yourself in an extra special way. It's about showing a side of your personality that no one else gets to see. Contrary to what many men believe, romance doesn't have to be sappy and embarrassing. There are three basic elements to creating a romantic evening:

  • Make sure you are clean and appropriately attractive. That includes attention to details like your breath, nails, and hair.
  • Whoever plans the date should remember this rule: Romance involves ALL the senses. Soft light enhances what you see. Pleasant aromas soften your mood. Gentle music allows you to chat and creates an ambiance. These things come together to make both people feel relaxed and warm around each other.
  • Romance is awkward to many people because it feels "fake" to them. It isn't how they normally act, so they feel out of character when doing romantic things. In truth, the most romantic people are completely at ease with their gestures. They ease into romance with a touch on the arm while telling a story or by leaning forward and whispering a funny comment. They give compliments in a sincere and appropriate manner. Something simple like telling your date they look "great" is an understated and effective way of saying, "I'm physically attracted to you." These subtle movements are the essence of romance.

On your next date, take some extra time to try and think of ways you can express your romantic nature. Attention to this important aspect of your dating life will go a long way towards enriching the time you spend together.

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